Markus Hartel - Photographer of Public Life

Markus Hartel

Markus  Hartel

Meet Me In The Street:
Markus Hartel, Street Photographer

On any given day, you'll find Markus Hartel cruising the subways of New York City with his camera strap wrapped securely around his wrist, ready for action. If you walk by him, you probably won't notice as he frames the camera from the hip, then clicks, and casually turns to pan one more.

Growing up in Duisburg, Germany -an old coal-mining town- Markus Hartel developed his love for photography when his grandma gave him her old rangefinder camera to snap family photos. He became mesmerized with the little box and saved up doing odd jobs to buy his own camera at the age of ten. Later, armed with an SLR and a few years of experience to boot, he developed the necessary skills for serious photography.

When he landed in New York City, Hartel saw little slices of life happening all around him and immeditedly started to capture some of these reflections of everyday life - real, unaltered impressions of public places, places you visit every day, your street, the parking lot of your favorite grocery store, the subway.

Markus is the eyes of mundane nuances of life, capturing the mood in a fraction of a second - he freezes a moment with his camera that you will forget in the same amount of time.



NYC 2008

NYC Impressions 2004-2007

NYC Impressions 2004-2007
selected New York street photographs 2004-2007