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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 31 March 2009

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt, one of the famous street photography icons (born in 1913), died at the age of 95 on the night from Saturday to Sunday in her apartment in New York, Greenwich Village.

Helen Levitt on Lens Culture
Interview (Audio) with Helen Levitt


Henrik Rieß, Wednesday 21 January 2009

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
One picture, 100 meters long and 178 people in it.

"We're all gonna die - 100 meters of existence" is a really stunning photography project by Simon Høgsberg that was shot in Berlin in summer 2007. It's aim is to emphasize the uniqueness of 'ordinary' people. All pictures were taken from a railway bridge at Warschauer Straße during a peroid of 20 days.

Find out more here.


Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 27 May 2008

Letizia Battaglia and her fight against the Mafia

Letizia Battaglia and her fight against the Mafia
Photograph by Letizia Battaglia
From the May 17th until the 22nd of June 2008, the Willy-Brandt-Haus shows an exhibition with 78 photographs by Letizia Battaglia, who has been fighting against the Italian Mafia for decades, not only through her photography. Her pictures tell of sorrow and document crimes against humanity. For her work Letiza Battaglia has received numerous international awards.

More informations:
Willy Brandt Haus


Robert Engelhardt, Saturday 24 May 2008

Cornell Capa

The Magnum photographer and former president of Magnum Cornell Capa (Cornell Friedmann), the brother of Endre Ernő Friedmann (Robert Capa), died in the early morning of May 23rd at age 90 in his home in New York. Cornell was born in 1918, founded the International Center of Photography in New York and joined Magnum Photos in 1954. Cornell died peacefully after battling with Parkinson for several years.

Cornell Capa at Magnum
Article at New York Times
Article at PDN Online


Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 20 May 2008

Against the wall with photographs

Against the wall with photographs
Photograph by Activestills
Activestills are photographers and peace activists and they bring the conflict between Israel and Palestina out on the streets. Activestills consists of three mid-twenties. "What we do is photo activism", say Keren, member of Activestills. "That means, we are professional photographers and nevertheless we have a clear political position. We are against the wall between us and the palestinians and we use the photography to change the awareness of the population."

Activestills website
Article of the TAZ (German)
Activestills on Flickr


Robert Engelhardt, Saturday 17 May 2008

Interview with Martin Parr


Arthur Fleischmann, Saturday 06 January 2007

Simon Høgsberg

Simon is a Danish photographer, on his website you can find an interesting mix of street photography, documentary and conceptual work. I found his series "Faces of York" very good, and was also impressed by his diary-style reports of his travels from Copenhagen to Istanbul (by bike!) and from Copenhagen to the Mediterranian Sea with only 14 Euros in his pockets.

Check out his website!