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Markus Hartel, Tuesday 07 March 2006

Drive by Shootings

Drive by Shootings
Anything can happen on the streets of New York City. For instance, a former art director for Saks Fifth Avenue could decide to become a taxi driver, and then start photographing all the other crazy things and moments of city life going on around him. David Bradford is one of the few American-born, English-speaking cabbies left in Manhattan, and the only one he knows of that shoots photos while he drives. Using high-speed black and white film and an automatic camera, Bradford has been shooting the New York streets since 1990. The more than 600 photos here reveal an edgy, unguarded New York, catching street vendors, other drivers, billboards, the soaring architecture of skyscrapers and bridges, nighttime revelers, graffiti, and abstract patterns of lights and rhythmic structures, along with such whimsical images as a line of young women by a truck, each toting a bare-bottomed male mannequin. Several essays describe Bradford and his methods, in English, German, and French.

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