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Siegfried Hansen, Thursday 10 December 2009

Street photography magazine "in Publication" 1st Editon - Inspiration-

Street photography magazine
in Publication -1st Edition -Inspiration-
PUBLICATION magazine is ready now. It is a new a biannual limited edition magazine on street photography, published and financed by Nick Turpin who is a member of a very well known street photography collective called in-public.

The launch edition of PUBLICATION: Inspiration is now printed and available to order. Featuring essays by Michael David Murphy, David Gibson, Hin Chua and Nick Turpin and the work of photographers including Joel Meyerowitz, Tod Papageorge, Martin Kollar, Trent Parke, Roger Mayne and some wonderful images from comparatively unknown Street Photographers.

There is one of my photos in PUBLICATION too.

You can order your copy there:

The magazine is self financing and contains no advertising, your purchase contributes directly to the next edition


Robert Engelhardt, Monday 30 November 2009

New Feature: Marco Margarucci

Marco Margarucci is a amateur enthusiast photographer from Italy. Through his work "Is there anybody out there?", Margarucci impressively approaches the feeling of absence in a metaphorical way. This feeling occurs if one tries to blind out the events, which surround us. Margarucci asks us to close our eyes and to be quiet in order to hear and feel the sound of absence.


Robert Engelhardt, Thursday 01 October 2009

New Feature: Rick Berland

Rick Berland is a amateur photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and present his greate intensive work "Light is Everywhere".


Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 31 March 2009

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt, one of the famous street photography icons (born in 1913), died at the age of 95 on the night from Saturday to Sunday in her apartment in New York, Greenwich Village.

Helen Levitt on Lens Culture
Interview (Audio) with Helen Levitt


Robert Engelhardt, Sunday 08 March 2009

New website area: Features

We are growing! Today we start with our new area "Features" at the Public Life website.
From time to time we will present selected photographers and their work. We open our doors for established as well as upcoming talents who are not members of Public Life hoping this will lead to an increasing quality and variety on our site.

The first photographer featured in our new area is Christian Reiser (known from Sonic Blog interview about street photography). His documentary "ALEX" reflects the life at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Feel free to contact us if you have any photography project which you think is worth being presented at Public Life. Please note: Do not send your work as email attachment. All we need is a link to your website where we can have a look at the project in advance.


Henrik Rieß, Wednesday 21 January 2009

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
One picture, 100 meters long and 178 people in it.

"We're all gonna die - 100 meters of existence" is a really stunning photography project by Simon Høgsberg that was shot in Berlin in summer 2007. It's aim is to emphasize the uniqueness of 'ordinary' people. All pictures were taken from a railway bridge at Warschauer Straße during a peroid of 20 days.

Find out more here.


Juan Buhler, Tuesday 13 January 2009

A show of street photographs in San Francisco

A show of street photographs in San Francisco
I'm having a show of 24 of my photographs, at the Shenson Gallery of the St Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, until March 6th. There's going to be an opening reception this Friday, January 16th, at 6:30PM.

The selection of photos in the show is here:

And again, the gallery is

Shenson Gallery
900 Hyde St. (between Pine and Bush)
San Francisco
opening reception: Friday, January 16th, 6:30PM

For those of you in San Francisco or nearby, I would love to see you there!