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Siegfried Hansen, Tuesday 10 July 2007

2 pics from Siegfried Hansen in Arles /France

from over 7000 streetphotos mr Stuart Franklin (magnum) choose 30 winnerpics for an exhibition in Arles (at july to 16.september 2007). So he choose two of mine :-)

1st pic
2 nd pic


Arthur Fleischmann, Sunday 04 February 2007

Juan Buhler featured in Black & White Photography Magazine

A portfolio of public-life member Juan Buhler was published in Black & White Photography Magazine (issue #68, January 2007). Congratulations, Juan!

Go check out this magazine, people! You can read some more about it in a blog post on The Online Photographer.


Arthur Fleischmann, Saturday 06 January 2007

Simon Høgsberg

Simon is a Danish photographer, on his website you can find an interesting mix of street photography, documentary and conceptual work. I found his series "Faces of York" very good, and was also impressed by his diary-style reports of his travels from Copenhagen to Istanbul (by bike!) and from Copenhagen to the Mediterranian Sea with only 14 Euros in his pockets.

Check out his website!