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Siegfried Hansen, Friday 24 September 2010

Street Photography Now

Street Photography Now
Street Photography Now
Three Members of Public Life, Ying Tang, Markus Hartel and Siegfried Hansen participate in the book
"Street Photography Now"
Get up close and personal with the world’s best street photographers as they capture the drama of everyday life at 1⁄125 of a second. Prowl pavements and back alleys, encountering comic absurdities, small acts of kindness and scenes of unexpected beauty; let your eye be caught by a witty billboard, a woman dressed as an angel, a businessman sprinting through the crowd: the human carnival is in town and the streets are alive.

Infos here:
Street Photography Now

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Juan Buhler, Thursday 26 August 2010

A talk in San Francisco - The Art and Science of Street Photography with Juan Buhler

A talk in San Francisco - The Art and Science of Street Photography with Juan Buhler
I'm giving a talk about street photography next week in San Francisco:

A short history of street photography, with examples and discussion about taking memorable photographs of people in the street. Juan will discuss the art and science of capturing a moment and telling a story with just one image. Plus he will use his years of real-world experience to discuss approaching strangers, dealing with confrontation, and avoiding potential legal pitfalls here and abroad. This talk is for anyone that wants to improve their ability to tell stories with a camera.

August 31st, 2010, 6PM

Sports Basement
1590 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Robert Engelhardt, Monday 23 August 2010

New Feature: Pablo Peyrolón

New photographer feature. Pablo Peyrolón present his work "Not without a camera".

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Siegfried Hansen, Sunday 04 July 2010

6 Pages from Siegfried Hansen in a German photo magazine

6 Pages from Siegfried Hansen in  a German photo magazine
Hamburg 2009
German Photo Magazine "fotocommunity plus"with 6 pages

...the pages (pdf) you can find here:

siegfried hansenl info

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Henrik Rieß, Wednesday 06 January 2010

Scènes d'une Bénediction: Les Animaux de Monaco

Scènes d'une Bénediction: Les Animaux de Monaco
Henrik Rieß - Les Animaux de Monaco (2008)
About this series:

I was on summer vacation at the Côte d'Azur in France. Spending a day in Monaco I stumbled on this affecting event called "benediction of animals".

Imagine about two hundred people of all ages and origins coming together at the Monaco Cathedral. Everyone accompenied by their dogs, bunnies, ferrets and other animal friends. What at first sight sounds like a scenery of excessive yapping and biting actually was such a wonderful gathering!

After the priest of the cathedral had appeared, the crowd held a prayer blessing animals as well as people. The ceremony ended with everybody singing in the warm evening sun. A really moving moment. I left with such a good feeling.

Take a look at

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Siegfried Hansen, Thursday 10 December 2009

Street photography magazine "in Publication" 1st Editon - Inspiration-

Street photography magazine
in Publication -1st Edition -Inspiration-
PUBLICATION magazine is ready now. It is a new a biannual limited edition magazine on street photography, published and financed by Nick Turpin who is a member of a very well known street photography collective called in-public.

The launch edition of PUBLICATION: Inspiration is now printed and available to order. Featuring essays by Michael David Murphy, David Gibson, Hin Chua and Nick Turpin and the work of photographers including Joel Meyerowitz, Tod Papageorge, Martin Kollar, Trent Parke, Roger Mayne and some wonderful images from comparatively unknown Street Photographers.

There is one of my photos in PUBLICATION too.

You can order your copy there:

The magazine is self financing and contains no advertising, your purchase contributes directly to the next edition

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Robert Engelhardt, Monday 30 November 2009

New Feature: Marco Margarucci

Marco Margarucci is a amateur enthusiast photographer from Italy. Through his work "Is there anybody out there?", Margarucci impressively approaches the feeling of absence in a metaphorical way. This feeling occurs if one tries to blind out the events, which surround us. Margarucci asks us to close our eyes and to be quiet in order to hear and feel the sound of absence.

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Robert Engelhardt, Thursday 01 October 2009

New Feature: Rick Berland

Rick Berland is a amateur photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and present his greate intensive work "Light is Everywhere".

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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 31 March 2009

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt, one of the famous street photography icons (born in 1913), died at the age of 95 on the night from Saturday to Sunday in her apartment in New York, Greenwich Village.

Helen Levitt on Lens Culture
Interview (Audio) with Helen Levitt

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Robert Engelhardt, Sunday 08 March 2009

New website area: Features

We are growing! Today we start with our new area "Features" at the Public Life website.
From time to time we will present selected photographers and their work. We open our doors for established as well as upcoming talents who are not members of Public Life hoping this will lead to an increasing quality and variety on our site.

The first photographer featured in our new area is Christian Reiser (known from Sonic Blog interview about street photography). His documentary "ALEX" reflects the life at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Feel free to contact us if you have any photography project which you think is worth being presented at Public Life. Please note: Do not send your work as email attachment. All we need is a link to your website where we can have a look at the project in advance.

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Henrik Rieß, Wednesday 21 January 2009

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph

Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
Simon Høgsberg - The world's longest street photograph
One picture, 100 meters long and 178 people in it.

"We're all gonna die - 100 meters of existence" is a really stunning photography project by Simon Høgsberg that was shot in Berlin in summer 2007. It's aim is to emphasize the uniqueness of 'ordinary' people. All pictures were taken from a railway bridge at Warschauer Straße during a peroid of 20 days.

Find out more here.

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Juan Buhler, Tuesday 13 January 2009

A show of street photographs in San Francisco

A show of street photographs in San Francisco
I'm having a show of 24 of my photographs, at the Shenson Gallery of the St Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, until March 6th. There's going to be an opening reception this Friday, January 16th, at 6:30PM.

The selection of photos in the show is here:

And again, the gallery is

Shenson Gallery
900 Hyde St. (between Pine and Bush)
San Francisco
opening reception: Friday, January 16th, 6:30PM

For those of you in San Francisco or nearby, I would love to see you there!

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Henrik Rieß, Friday 29 August 2008

Attention, please.

Attention, please.
There's a new website in town! For Better Understanding is a mix of a blog combined with a photographic portfolio showing some of my stuff that does not appear on Public Life. Take a look!

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Robert Engelhardt, Wednesday 13 August 2008

New photographers at Public Life

It took us some weeks and the decisions did not come easy sometimes, but we have now come to a result. The following photographers were nominated by a majority to join Public Life: Ying Tang from Shanghai (China), Marja Skotheim Folde from Granada (Spain) and Orville Robertson from New York (USA). Also the photographer Robert M Johnson from Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) was directly nominated after the relaunch of the Public Life website.

Ying Tang, born and grown up in Shanghai (China), studied at the New York Institute of Photography and at the School of Photography at the City College of San Francisco. His works were published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune.
Website of Ying:

Marja Skotheim Folde currently lives in Granada (Spain). She studied photography and graphic print in Barcelona and currently studies architecture and urbanism at the University of Granada. Recently she gave an exhibition of her work Ciudad-Presente (The city told in split seconds).
Photographs of Marja: Flickr album

Orville Robertson, born in Jamaica, today living in Queens, New York, has been a street photographer for over 25 years. His photographs were shown in numerous exhibitions, and are featured in many big museums as well as private and collaborative collections. He is editor of the photography magazine Fotophile, founded in 1993, and was awarded a photography scholarship by the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2002.
Website of Orville:

Robert M Johnson was born in Youngstown, Ohio (USA), and later went to Worcester, Massachusetts (USA), where he still lives today. One could say that Johnson is a street photographer of the old school. His photographs were shown and published in numerous exhibitions and magazines.
Website of Robert:

At this point we would also like to thank all non-nominated applicants, who made the effort to submit their work to us.

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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 03 June 2008

Exhibition at the Munich City Museum

Exhibition at the Munich City Museum
Photographs (from left to right) by Felipe Taborda, Thomas Hoepker and Evelyn Richter
Until 6th of July shows the Munich City Museum, the exhibition "Augenblicke" (Moments), photographs by Dimitri Soulas. Soulas was born in 1938 in Thessaloniki and started in the 60s as journalist for several agencies and newspapers.

As a complement shows the museum the exhibition "Street Life", with photographs from 1930 to 1975. Shown amongst others photographs from Jerry Cooke, Robert Lebeck, Stefan Moses, Thomas Hoepker.

Exhibition "augenblicke" by Dimitri Soulas (German)
Exhibition Streetlife (German)

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Robert Engelhardt, Wednesday 28 May 2008

The Sonic Blog about street photography today

Peter Feldhaus is the author of the popular blog "The Sonic Blog". Focal point is art photography and photography itself. Feldhaus presents a special about street photography from May 26th until 1st of June 2008. He talks about various communities and also interviews german street photographer and their views of the street photography. Featured photographers are: Dagmar Schwelle, Kay von Aspern, Bruno Trematore, Stefan Rohner, Henrik Rieß, Robert Engelhardt, Elisabeth Schuh, Rudi Meisel, Christian Reister and Andreas Herzau. In any case, have a look!

Street photography today
Street photography communities
Interview with Street photographers from the German space - Part one
Part two of Interview with Street photographers from the German space

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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 27 May 2008

Letizia Battaglia and her fight against the Mafia

Letizia Battaglia and her fight against the Mafia
Photograph by Letizia Battaglia
From the May 17th until the 22nd of June 2008, the Willy-Brandt-Haus shows an exhibition with 78 photographs by Letizia Battaglia, who has been fighting against the Italian Mafia for decades, not only through her photography. Her pictures tell of sorrow and document crimes against humanity. For her work Letiza Battaglia has received numerous international awards.

More informations:
Willy Brandt Haus

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Robert Engelhardt, Saturday 24 May 2008

Cornell Capa

The Magnum photographer and former president of Magnum Cornell Capa (Cornell Friedmann), the brother of Endre Ernő Friedmann (Robert Capa), died in the early morning of May 23rd at age 90 in his home in New York. Cornell was born in 1918, founded the International Center of Photography in New York and joined Magnum Photos in 1954. Cornell died peacefully after battling with Parkinson for several years.

Cornell Capa at Magnum
Article at New York Times
Article at PDN Online

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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 20 May 2008

Alec Soth

Alec Soth
Photographs by Alec Soth
The C/O Berlin presents from the May 16th until the 13th of July 2008 the work "Paris/Minnesota" of the photographer Alec Soth.

C/O Berlin website
Article about the exhibition on Spiegle Online (German)

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Robert Engelhardt, Tuesday 20 May 2008

Against the wall with photographs

Against the wall with photographs
Photograph by Activestills
Activestills are photographers and peace activists and they bring the conflict between Israel and Palestina out on the streets. Activestills consists of three mid-twenties. "What we do is photo activism", say Keren, member of Activestills. "That means, we are professional photographers and nevertheless we have a clear political position. We are against the wall between us and the palestinians and we use the photography to change the awareness of the population."

Activestills website
Article of the TAZ (German)
Activestills on Flickr

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Robert Engelhardt, Sunday 18 May 2008

Photographers fear for their freedom to take pictures in public

Photographers fear for their freedom to take pictures in public
Metropolitan Police campaign
The Western world finds itself in a constantly alerting sensitisation towards terrorism. Since September 11th 2001 the governments of the threatened countries endeavour to protect themselves from the acute threat of radical Islamist by means of legislation and preventive alertness of this topic. It is certainly debatable, whether those means of alertness and sensitisation do not rather run the risk of turning into panic mongering, creating a situation of general suspicion.

At the moment it seems extensively to take this direction. The London Metropolitan Police launched a poster campaign, which points out that, in order to plan their actions, terrorists take pictures and notes on security. Where this points to, quickly becomes clear, and thus straightaway a storm of indignation broke out amongst amateur, professional and famous street photographers. Without further ado, this poster campaign seems to cast general suspicion on photographing in public, and with it, on the photographer, who - for better or for worse - might just as well be a scout for terrorist attacks. Meanwhile in London clashes occur between photographers and police, who prohibit taking pictures in certain places with reference to explicit laws, and demand that photos which were made, to be erased under supervision. This procedure however is practised to a much greater extend. Many photographers regard this as a curtailment of their freedom to take pictures in public, and thus an online petition against this procedure was initiated.

For more articles and information:
Online petitions
Times Online
Current Video - You can't picture this
Amateur photographer
Wired blog

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Robert Engelhardt, Sunday 18 May 2008

Contemporary photography in America - Film by Michael Engler

Contemporary photography in America - Film by Michael Engler
Scenes of the film from Michael Engler
The film of Michael Engler from the year 1982 showing the different methods of operation of photgraphers Harry Callahan, Mark Cohen, Robert Frank, Ralph Gibson, Duane Michals, Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore, Garry Winogrand and other. The Film arrived the title: Particularly valuable.

Here you can buy the film on DVD for 19,90 EUR

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Robert Engelhardt, Saturday 17 May 2008

Les Parisiens sous l'Occupation - Occupied Paris Shown Full Color

Interesting and controversial exhibition in Paris of color photographs of life under the German occupation. Read the full report about the exhibition on Spiegel Online

Buy at Paris Bibliotheques: Les Parisiens sous l'Occupation - Occupied Paris Shown Full Color

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Robert Engelhardt, Saturday 17 May 2008

Interview with Martin Parr

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Siegfried Hansen, Thursday 03 January 2008

4. Triennale der photographie in Hamburg

Exhibition from Siegfried Hansen
1-30 .April in Hamburg

4. triennale der photographie

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Siegfried Hansen, Tuesday 10 July 2007

2 pics from Siegfried Hansen in Arles /France

from over 7000 streetphotos mr Stuart Franklin (magnum) choose 30 winnerpics for an exhibition in Arles (at july to 16.september 2007). So he choose two of mine :-)

1st pic
2 nd pic

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Arthur Fleischmann, Sunday 04 February 2007

Juan Buhler featured in Black & White Photography Magazine

A portfolio of public-life member Juan Buhler was published in Black & White Photography Magazine (issue #68, January 2007). Congratulations, Juan!

Go check out this magazine, people! You can read some more about it in a blog post on The Online Photographer.

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Arthur Fleischmann, Saturday 06 January 2007

Simon Høgsberg

Simon is a Danish photographer, on his website you can find an interesting mix of street photography, documentary and conceptual work. I found his series "Faces of York" very good, and was also impressed by his diary-style reports of his travels from Copenhagen to Istanbul (by bike!) and from Copenhagen to the Mediterranian Sea with only 14 Euros in his pockets.

Check out his website!

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Arthur Fleischmann, Tuesday 19 December 2006

Gomma Magazine

Gomma is a non-profit print magazine devoted to photography. The current issue (#2) appears to be already sold out but the first issue can be bought online for 2 euros (+ shipping) - a bargain. was featured in the news section of Gomma Portal on their website:

"..if you are a street photographer you gotta check Public Life..."

Check out the Gomma website!

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Markus Hartel, Tuesday 07 March 2006

Louis Stettner's New York

Louis Stettner's New York
Reknowned photographer Louis Stettner depicts the ever evolving city of New York in a fascinating collection of pictures ranging from the 1950s through the 1990s to the present. 100 duotone photographs.

Buy at Amazon: Louis Stettner's New York

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Markus Hartel, Tuesday 07 March 2006

Urban Prisoner

Urban Prisoner
Matt Weber first started taking photographs while working as a NYC taxi driver. He soon discovered that the idea of seeing something and recording it was really what he'd been doing all along, mentally framing shots as he drove around town on twelve hour shifts. Gradually his confidence began to build, and he began to see himself as a photographer with a taxi, rather than a cabbie with a camera.

Although Weber's book can be viewed as a revival of classic street photography, as Lifson points out in his introduction, "he works at being nobody but himself." Images go from despairing to hopeful, alarming to mundane, but are never contrived, moments which appeared on their own, rather than being orchestrated to achieve their effect. "His strongest pictures have no minor subjects or incidental matter and thus achieve a seamless coherence of subject and context."

not exactly a steal at $60, but Matt did put lots of sweat and effort in it to get the book published in great quality...

Buy at Urban Prisoner

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Markus Hartel, Tuesday 07 March 2006

Drive by Shootings

Drive by Shootings
Anything can happen on the streets of New York City. For instance, a former art director for Saks Fifth Avenue could decide to become a taxi driver, and then start photographing all the other crazy things and moments of city life going on around him. David Bradford is one of the few American-born, English-speaking cabbies left in Manhattan, and the only one he knows of that shoots photos while he drives. Using high-speed black and white film and an automatic camera, Bradford has been shooting the New York streets since 1990. The more than 600 photos here reveal an edgy, unguarded New York, catching street vendors, other drivers, billboards, the soaring architecture of skyscrapers and bridges, nighttime revelers, graffiti, and abstract patterns of lights and rhythmic structures, along with such whimsical images as a line of young women by a truck, each toting a bare-bottomed male mannequin. Several essays describe Bradford and his methods, in English, German, and French.

Buy at Amazon: Drive by Shootings

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Markus Hartel, Tuesday 07 March 2006

Bystander : A History of Street Photography

Bystander : A History of Street Photography
This landmark book, a monumental chronicle of the photographic genre created from the chaotic energy of everyday street life, grew out of a fifteen-year collaboration between an esteemed curator and a distinguished photographer. The work of such celebrated masters as Atget, Stieglitz, Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Garry Winogrand are presented here, along with extraordinary photographs by complete unknowns. Colin Westerbeck's enlightening text illuminates each of these images, and a new illustrated afterword by Westerbeck, only available in this paperback edition, examines contemporary street photography.

Buy at Amazon: Bystander : A History of Street Photography

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Arthur Fleischmann, Wednesday 01 February 2006

Magnum Stories

Magnum Stories
For everyone interested in documentary photography, this is a fascinating book. Not only does it conatin images by 61 members of the legendary Magnum photo agency, these photographers also discuss their work, careers and beliefs.

Buy at Amazon: Magnum Stories

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Arthur Fleischmann, Wednesday 01 February 2006


In the winter of 1998/99 photographer Luc Delahaye traveled through Russia. This book contains the pictures he took on his journey: dark, depressing. Beautiful at the same time. A small (13 x 18 cm) yet remarkable book.

Buy at Amazon: Winterreise

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Arthur Fleischmann, Wednesday 01 February 2006

Jeanloup Sieff. 40 Years of Photography

Jeanloup Sieff. 40 Years of Photography
Another of those Taschen bargains... :-) For €19.99, you get a beautiful, large "coffee-table" book, full of fascinating B&W pictures, very nice print quality. And not only are the photos a pleasure to look at, the text is also fun and worth reading.

Buy at Amazon: Jeanloup Sieff. 40 Years of Photography

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Arthur Fleischmann, Wednesday 01 February 2006

Willy Ronis

Willy Ronis
Willy Ronis is a key figure in the history of French photography. He is regarded as one of the most important representatives of the humanist school of photography. This new book offers an overwiev of his work, a bit of everything: street photos, reportage, portraits and nudes. 192 pages of wonderful B&W photos. Print quality is excellent, especially considering the cheap price - for €19.99, this book is a bargain.

Buy at Amazon: Willy Ronis

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